Craig Baines, SI

Survey Project Manager

    Craig Baines started working for GeoSurvey in 2015 as a field crew member while he attended college.  Craig quickly became a Field Survey Technician and ran a field crew for three years.   Craig's wide range of field work for survey projects provided him with experience on large boundary surveys, ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, and every other type of surveys prepared by GeoSurvey.   He now manages survey projects on a daily basis, directing and training field crews on the collection of field data and preparing survey drawings based on the data.  He started his career working for Home Depot, learning management techniques that have enabled him to quickly become a valuable asset on the GeoSurvey team.

    Craig earned his B.S. from Kennesaw State University in Surveying and Mapping in 2016 and has acquired his certification as a Surveyor Intern.  He is expected to acquire his licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor in the near future.   He is a member of the Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia and sits on the board of trustees for the Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia Education Foundation.

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