3D Laser Scanning

GeoSurvey, Ltd., offers 3D Laser Scanning services, also known as High Definition Surveying or Reality Capture, as a service to our clients.  This process involves the use of a 3D Laser scanner to produce a “Point Cloud” of surfaces, buildings, structures, or other physical features.  This 3D point cloud can then be easily attached to all Autodesk design software platforms  and many other software packages to use as a basis for creating as-built existing condition drawings and basemaps.

FaroFocus3dGeoSurvey owns and operates a two laser scanners, a Faro X330 and a Trimble SX10 laser scanning total station.     These scanners collect millions 3D points per second while performing 360 degree scans.   Distances to all 3D points are collected to +/- 2mm accuracy.  The scanners also provides rich panoramic color photographs of all areas scanned.  All of this data is assimilated and processed in Faro Scene software, Trimble Business Center, and/or Autodesk ReCap software.

Trimble SX10 Laser Scanning Total Station

3d Laser scans are quickly becoming the most cost efficient and accurate method of developing as-built conditions of existing structures and surfaces.   Days or even weeks of valuable time can be saved by hiring our team to prepare a 3D (three dimensional) point cloud for your next project.   Utilizing our point cloud in your software of choice, you can develop 3d models and basemaps that are ready for your designs and decisions in a fraction of the time you are accustomed to.  Accurate measurements between any objects within the scan can be quickly determined from your office – minimizing trips to the site and lost production time.

Our point clouds are compatible with all later versions of most design software packages, including all Autodesk products such as Civil 3d, Revit, Autocad, Plant Design, etc.  Many different industries benefit from the use of point clouds, including the following:

Plumbing and HVAC Design
Utility Infrastructure
Mechanical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Plant Design
Clash Detection
Exterior Facade Design
Accident Scene Documentation Analysis
Historic Preservation

We encourage you dig in and visit our 3D Laser Scanning Resource Library.  Here you will find out more about this exciting technology and how it can assist you in your industry.  Our library contains a collection of videos and other material that will assist you with becoming familiar with the many uses for 3D point clouds.  These videos demonstrate the use and applications of 3D Laser Scanning and provide excellent training aids for learning to work “In the Point Cloud”.

We also encourage you to take a few minutes and “Fly Through” some of our projects completed by our team in our GeoSurvey 3D Scan Project Gallery.  These videos demonstrate the richness and value of 3D laser scan data collected by GeoSurvey.

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