CivilReady® Surveys

GeoSurvey specializes in “teaming” with civil engineering design firms, architectural firm, landscape architecture firms, and other design professionals that need surveying support for their projects. Whether you are a civil engineer, architect, developer, landscape architect, or any other type of design professional, we are prepared to provide you and your firm with outstanding surveying support for your project. You survey will truly be CivilReady®… ready for your designs and ideas. The drawing will be prepared according to your standards in AutoCad drafting software. We will even layer the various components of the drawing according to your corporate layering standards if requested. Our field crews present a professional image on your site, and our project managers communicate with you during the entire survey process. Our team understands and respects the importance of your deadlines and the importance of an accurate, detailed base map that will serve as the foundation for your design process.

Our CivilReady® drawings depict all features of a site that are important to your design process.  If requested, our survey will include the horizontal and vertical location of all physical features of the site, as well as the actual location of below grade utilities as marked by an outside consultant.

All CivilReady® survey drawings by GeoSurvey, Ltd. are prepared utilizing AutoCad drafting software, enhanced by Carlson Software made specifically for land surveying applications. All electronic drawings are layered in an appropriate manner to enable you to isolate and work with all features of the site.  Our paper presentation of our surveys is very unique, and is often a great selling point for our services. Each of our drawings is delivered in color.  Imagine seeing all utilities, contours, and other parts of your survey in a unique color.  Even though our drawing looks like a conventional blue print at first glance, a closer look reveals important entities depicted in color.  This truly makes the drawing much easier to use and clearer to any observer.

In addition to presenting our drawings in color, we also provide digital photographs of every survey we do, and actually place them on the face of our survey.  Photograph position indicators are placed on the main body of the drawing, indicating the position of each photograph. Finally, all surveys we complete are available to our clients in digital format, either in a .dwg or .pdf file. If requested, we can provide all digital images of the site electronically.

We also provide immediate support for all of our surveys.  All project managers for each survey are readily available via phone and email. In most cases, we are able to discuss your survey with you on the phone during your initial call.  We are able to view any survey on our computer while you are talking to us, and are usually able to easily resolve most issues with just one phone call.

See below for a few examples of our CivilReady® surveys..

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