Residential Surveys

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GeoSurvey, Ltd., provides a wide array of services for residential properties.   Our residential land surveying services are provided locally throughout Cobb County and surrounding communities and are priced based on certain criteria related to your property.  All of our residential services described below are directly managed and completely reviewed and approved by one of our staff Registered Professional Land Surveyors.

Please Note: Our fees for residential surveying services (described below) typically begin at $ 1,250 and go up depending on location, complexity and scope of services.  We typically provide our completed residential surveys within 20 business days of notice to proceed.

Our surveys for residential properties are a full and complete boundary survey of your property, depicting your property lines, property corners, and improvements on the subject site.  The survey will be prepared in conformance with all laws regarding the preparation of land surveys in the State of GA.  Your property will be visited by a land survey crew equipped with all research and equipment necessary to perform a complete survey of your property.  The survey crew will arrive at your property in a professional work truck and will be careful to not damage your property during the course of the survey.  All property corners will either be recovered or re-established and visibly flagged.  All improvements will be located and measured.  A survey plat will be prepared depicting all property lines, existing improvements, and other important features.  Encroachments, boundary issues, easements, and other elements related to your property will be depicted on the final survey drawing.  The plat will be signed and certified by a GA Registered Land Surveyor.  You will be provided a digital .pdf file of your survey upon completion.  Paper copies of the survey are available upon request.

Online order form for residential survey services..

The steps we follow to prepare this survey can be found on our “Boundary Survey” description page here...

Residential Surveys – Other Services

GeoSurvey also provides many other types of surveys for residential sites, including but not limited to the following:

– Topographic Surveys
– Utility Surveys
– Tree Surveys
– Foundation Location Surveys
– Building Fit Assessments
– FEMA Flood Certifications


If you are in need of a residential survey, please complete our online order form .  Please  describe your need for our services.   We will respond with a quote via email within within one to two business days.   If we need to discuss the survey quote with you directly, we will call you.  See below for an example of a recent residential survey prepared by our team…

Contact our team to assist you with your Residential Surveys surveying needs.