GeoSurvey Welcomes Armstrong

GeoSurvey, Ltd. is pleased to announce that we are hosting records of Armstrong Land Surveying, Inc., of Douglasville, GA.   Trent Turk and Jamey Coleman both worked with Robert Armstrong, LS, owner of Armstrong Land Surveying, Inc. in the early 90’s.   After a very successful career in land surveying, Robert Armstrong has accepted a position with the National Park Service assisting them with protecting their property lines and Armstrong Land Surveying, Inc. is no longer in operation.   Through an agreement with Robert, all surveys that were performed by Armstrong Land Surveying since 1991 are now hosted by GeoSurvey, Ltd.  The original phone number for Armstrong Land Surveying, 770-577-0077 is now answered by the offices of GeoSurvey, Ltd.

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