GeoSurvey Acquires Trimble SX10 Scanning Total Station

GeoSurvey’s Trimble SX10 Laser Scanning Total Station

GeoSurvey recently acquired a Trimble SX10 Laser Scanning Total Station. Through our acquistion of this surveying instrument, we are able to drastically increase our efficiencies related to our use of “Point Clouds”. With this new instrument, we are able to acquire point cloud data that is automatically registered to our conventional land surveying data, thus eliminating the cumbersome registration procedure we are forced to go through when utilizing other types of laser scanners. Point cloud data is comprised of millions of points collected on every visible object from the instrument setup. Through automatically blending this data together from every instrument position, we are able to view and draw objects from anywhere on the site without having to locate them conventionally. This instrument truly is a “game changer” for land surveying and will likely transform our methods for collecting our field data for our surveys.

Visit Trimble’s website to find out more about our Laser Scanning Total Station here..

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