Skills & Technology

Robotic Surveying Systems

GeoSurvey, Ltd. owns and operates five Trimble S6 robotic total stations.  Thise are the best instruments available today for obtaining fast, accurate survey measurements.  The utilize “Magdrive” technology instead of servo motors.  This greatly speeds up the motion of the instrument and eliminates the friction typically involved with conventional robotic instruments.

GPS (Global Positioning Systems)
GeoSurvey owns and operates three Trimble GPS receivers.  We own one R8 and two R6 receivers.   We have two of the units paired with the EGPS virtual reference network, enabling us to obtain survey grade measurements throughout GA with ease.  We also have a complete RTK (Real Time Kinematic) system for working with local coordinate datums.

Data Collection Systems
All our field data is collected utilizing TDS (Tripod Data Systems) data collection software operated on an Atwork Computer Ranger platform.