GeoSurvey Physical Office Closed During Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis – Work Continuing Remotely on all Projects

A Message to GeoSurvey Clients and Colleagues:

As our communities rally together to navigate the challenges the highly contagious Covid-19 virus has placed on of us, GeoSurvey has chosen to close our physical office to ensure the safety and health of our employees and their families.   Even though our physical office has closed, we are continuing to provide our usual level of service to our clients by leveraging remote working technologies.  We began actively preparing for this possibility in early March just in case we needed to close our physical office.

All GeoSurvey project managers have moved their workstations to their respective homes and are connected to our servers via remote technology.  Our field crews, now based from their homes, are maintaining appropriate distances from each other and from others while collecting the field data required to keep our projects on track.  Our administrative staff is working from home, as well, to provide the necessary support to keep all administrative tasks completed for all GeoSurvey employees and clients.

We do not anticipate delays at this time on any of our existing projects due to the new environment we are working in, and we stand ready to take on new work as requested from our clients.  Our thoughts are with all of our clients and colleagues as we navigate this crisis together.   We look forward to our great economy getting back on track and to our GeoSurvey family getting back “together” soon in our office. 

Thank you to all our clients that continue to provide the GeoSurvey team with a steady flow of work through this time.  We remain firmly committed to serving your land surveying needs through this crisis.

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