GeoSurvey, Ltd. Adds New Owners

GeoSurvey, Ltd., is pleased to announce that four long-time employees are now principals in the firm.   David Hester, Gene Etris, Brad Cash, and Craig Jennings now join Trent Turk and Jamey Coleman as owners of GeoSurvey, Ltd.   Trent will continue as Chief Executive Officer, and Jamey will continue as Chief Operating Officer for the firm.   David, Gene, Brad, and Craig will continue in their positions as Survey Project Managers for the firm.

From Trent Turk – “We are truly excited to have each of these long term employees join Jamey and me as owners of GeoSurvey, Ltd.   As we approach our 20th year of business, we look forward to continuing our tradition of quality land surveying services throughout the Southeastern U.S. with our team for many years to come.”

GeoSurvey Owners

L-R Craig Jennings, Trent Turk, David Hester, Gene Etris, Brad Cash, & Jamey Coleman

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