Architectural Drawings from 3D Laser Scans


Faro X330 Laser Scanner Collecting Measurement Data

Architects are often perplexed about the best way to develop as-built measurements and drawings of existing structures.  Before their design process can be started, accurate measurements of the existing structure must be obtained.  What is the most cost efficient  and accurate way to obtain as-built measurements of  existing structures and features?

The typical and most commonly used method usually involves sending expensive architectural staff members to the site to spend time measuring the features with a tape measure and clipboard.  Photographs with a standard camera or phone are usually taken and used to support these measurements.  Old plans for the structure may be obtained, but they must be confirmed for accuracy and completeness.  Expensive lift units may even be rented to obtain measurements of hard-to-reach areas.

Architects are now beginning to realize the value of obtaining a 3D laser scan of the structures they are about to renovate.  Through hiring our team at GeoSurvey, Ltd. to perform a 3d laser scan of the structure, the architect will realize many benefits:

  • Architectural staff is not required to spend time on the site taking measurements and photographs.
  • Base maps of any area of the structure can quickly be generated from the point cloud in all Autodesk design software packages, including Autocad and Revit. Other design software packages also support the use of point clouds.
  • Full, panoramic color photographs are provided at each scan location, fully documenting all existing features.
  • Measurements of any visible feature can be readily obtained in Autodesk ReCap, Autocad, or Revit, often eliminating the need to re-visit the site.
  • Base drawings of hard to access areas, such as building facades and high ceilings, can quickly and easily be created without using ladders or other dangerous and cumbersome access methods.

The “Point Cloud” created by the team at GeoSurvey can be easily inserted into Revit or any other design package you use.  When inserted, you are very quickly and easily be able to develop as-built drawings of any visible features in the scan.  Floor plans, wall elevations, facade elevations, and other such base maps are readily available.  This point cloud would provide you with x,y,z points in a dense format on all visible surfaces, along with 360 degree panoramic photographs that allow for measurement of any dimension of any object in the photo.

If you think your firm could benefit from the use of laser scans, take a few minutes today and visit our website.   There you will find more detailed information about this service and how it can be useful for your next project!

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