GeoSurvey provides UAV aerial mapping services to support our land surveying projects and our client’s aerial photogrammetric needs.  Utilizing our DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter combined with Pix4d software, we are able to produce digital orthographic photographs and point clouds over small, medium, and even large tracts of land.

Our UAV mapping efforts are managed and performed by GeoSurvey employee, Miles Welch, PIC (Pilot in Command).   Miles is a FAA Certified UAS Operator, having obtained his FAA license in 2018.   Miles is a GIS graduate from Kennesaw State University and assists GeoSurvey with all of our 3D services, including UAV’s, point clouds, laser scanning, and other functions.

Equipment and Software

The GeoSurvey team, led by Miles Welch PIC,  takes aerial photographs over the subject site utilizing a DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quadcopter.  This UAV has a 4K 60fps camera, 1-inch sensor, and obstacle avoidance.  Each battery provides for 30 minutes of flight time.

The photographs obtained by our team are processed through “Pix4d” software.   This process involves “stitching” many photographs together by analysis of  common pixels within the photographs.  These photographs are obtained on a pre-programmed automated flight path from many different angles.  After the photographs are stitched together, an orthographic photograph is created that can be utilized for drafting purposes and as a backdrop for our surveys.

Below is a map of photograph positions for a recent project completed by our team:


Through embracing UAV Aerial Mapping Technology, GeoSurvey provides the following services…

Land Surveys with Photograph Backgrounds

Our land surveys have always been very detailed.  We are now able to bring them to life in vivid color by applying a photograph backdrop.   Below are some examples of recently delivered surveys using an orthographic photograph as a background.

(Click on image for full size .pdf file)


Point Clouds for Design and Mapping

In addition to providing rich color aerial photography for our projects, we are also capable of delivering 3d point clouds for most sites that are not wooded or otherwise obstructed.  These point clouds (.las format) can be utilized by architects and other professionals for design purposes and by surveyors and engineers for contouring and volumetric measurements.  The data is “controlled” by the use of survey grade measurements on visible targets that are registered in the aerial photographs.  Through the use of Pix4d software, we are able to create registered 3d point clouds in .las and .rcp/.rcs formats.    This data can also be blended with conventional 3d laser scan data to provide a complete 3d point cloud of existing buildings and structures.  Below are  few examples of 3d point clouds created through this process:

(Click on Image for Fly-through Video)

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West Rome Baptist Church


Marketing and Property Photographs and Videos

GeoSurvey also provides excellent photographs and videos of our sites we survey if requested.  These photographs and videos are excellent for marketing brochures, websites, etc. Below are few examples of our site photographs:



Contact us if you’d like to discuss how our UAV Aerial Mapping services could benefit your next survey project –

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