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Welcome to the GeoSurvey 3D Laser Scanning Resource Library.  The purpose of this page is to help educate our clients about the benefits and techniques involved with utilizing 3d laser scans and to describe the process for obtaining and using 3d laser scans.

After initial client consultation, our typical workflow consists of gathering enough laser scans to completely cover the subject area at an appropriate scan resolution for the desired use of the point cloud.  We then we assimilate and register the scans utilizing Faro Scene software.  After registration, we then import the registered scans into Autodesk Recap software and create a 3D point cloud for the project.   The point cloud is then cleaned up in Recap and processed for delivery to our client.   Most, if not all, design software packages since 2014 fully embrace the use of 3d point clouds.

If your company is using Autodesk software version 2014 or 2015, you already have Autodesk Recap software installed on your system.  Autodesk Recap is also available free via download from the Autodesk website.

The collection of videos below are all found on YouTube and are presented with permission.

Faro Focus X330 Laser Scanner
This is a product video for the Faro Focus X330 Laser Scanner operated by GeoSurvey.  The FARO Focus3D is a high-speed Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) offering the most efficient method for 3D measurement and 3D image documentation. In only a few minutes, this 3D laser scanner produces dense point clouds containing millions of points that provide incredibly detailed 3D color scans and panoramic images from each scan position.

(Video courtesy of Faro)

Laser Scanning Home > 3D Laser Scanning Library

Faro Workflow – Typical Scenario for Collecting Scans and Processing in Faro Scene
This is a good video to understand the typical workflow scenario when completing a scan project.

( Video courtesy of Faro)

Autodesk Recap Overview
Great overview video summarizing the use of Autodesk Recap (Reality Capture) software with 3d point clouds.  Autodesk ReCap point cloud and image-based 3D modeling software and services work seamlessly with Autodesk design and creation suites, so you can start your design with accurate dimensions and full photo-quality context rather than a blank screen.

(Video courtesy of Autodesk)

Autodesk ReCap Basics 
This is a good 5 minute video that orients a novice Autodesk ReCap user with the various controls and functions of the program.  This is a must watch for first time users of Autodesk ReCap!

(Video courtesy of CADLearning)


Autodesk Recap with Revit and Navisworks
This is a 50 minute webinar video that does an excellent job describing the use of Autodesk Recap with Revit and Navisworks.  This video describes how today’s laser scans are being used for construction together with ReCap, Revit & Navisworks.  The ReCap family of products and services easily translates reality capture data into meaningful and reliable 3D information that integrates seamlessly with Autodesk software (beginning with 2014 versions). Begin your design process with true dimensions and full photo-quality context instead of starting from scratch. Manipulate reality-based models into a new design to analyze or use it to simulate real-world behavior.

(Video courtesy of Autodesk)

Autodesk Recap – Use of the Limit Box
Excellent short video describing the benefits and uses of the “Limit Box” function in Autodesk Recap.

(Video courtesy of Autodesk)

Autodesk Recap – Preparing and Exporting Scans to Autocad Software Packages

This video demonstrates the process of preparing and exporting point cloud scans from Autodesk Recap. The exported scan is then used in Autodesk Inventor or Factory Design Suite.

(Video courtesy of Imaginit Technologies)

Autodesk Recap – Limits Boxes, Layers, View States 

This video describes the use of layering, limits boxes, and other features in Autodesk Recap.

(Video courtesy of Autodesk)

Autodesk Revit – Attaching a 3D Point Cloud

Video describing how to get started with a 3D point cloud in Autodesk Revit.  (Volume is low, turn up to hear..)

(Video courtesy of Landtech Consultants)

Autodesk Revit – Making a Revit Family from a Point Cloud

Excellent demonstration of a scan of a school brought into Autodesk Revit.  The scan was used to create a 3D model of the exterior of the school.

(Video courtesy of Landtech Consultants)

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