You may ask yourself “Why should I be concerned about the equipment used to perform surveys?”

Trimble S6 Robotic Survey InstrumentThe answer is simple:  Productivity and Accuracy.

There are many manufacturers of survey equipment on the market today.  GeoSurvey has chosen to equip our crews with Trimble survey instruments, GPS systems, and data controllers.  Trimble has been a proven manufacturor of dependable, accurate, and reliable survey equipment for many years.

Our survey total stations are Trimble “S6” robotic survey instruments.  These instruments are the most efficient robotic survey instruments on the market today.   Our crews are literally able to perform entire surveys with no need for an instrument operator.

Our crews are also equipped with Trimble RTK-GPS equipment capable of survey-grade accuracy that can be utilized concurrently with our robotic total stations.

All field crews are equipped with digital cameras.  Every survey is documented with digital pictures during the field data collection process.  Some of these photographs are inserted directly onto the final survey drawings.  Other photographs are stored on our server for future reference and are provided to our clients for their documentation.

Trimble R6 GPS Receiver

All field crews are also equipped with a web-enabled tablet computer that is connected directly to our office servers via a cell phone data link and FTP protocol software.  Our project managers are able to provide data files directly to the field crews, and our field personnel are able to send data back to the office utilizing this capability.

Annual service and calibration is performed on all equipment, or more often as needed.   We also maintain a complete functional setup of crew equipment as a “backup” when equipment problems are encountered.  This insures that no crew downtime will occur as a result of equipment failure.

Trimble TSC3 Data Controller

All crew vehicles operate late model pickups with secure work shells.  Our company logo and phone number are discretely displayed on the vehicle for identification purposes.  All vehicles are well maintained and present a professional image.  We also own two spare crew vehicles to insure no crew downtime is experienced due to vehicle maintenance or repairs.