GeoSurvey welcomes those desiring to make land surveying their chosen career.  We strongly believe in a structured and organized promotion process to get you to your desired career level.  We also belive that each level must be mastered before the next level can be attained.  Below is a typical career path in land surveying with GeoSurvey…

A typical progression for a career in surveying usually begins by learning to operate conventional survey equipment and our GPS and robotic equipment. During this phase of your career, you will be encouraged to attend classes to learn more about the art of land surveying.

Upon mastering the equipment and software utilized in our field processes, you may be promoted to the position of survey field technician. At this level you will be responsible for all aspects of field data collection and reconnaissance.  You will learn many valuable lessons regarding analysis of field data, data collection methods, field evidence recovery, and resource management.   During these first few years, you will develop a strong foundation future management of surveying resources and personnel.

As you progress through your field experience and continue working towards your licensure as a land surveyor, you will also be offered the opportunity to participate our survey technician development program.  During this time, you will be assigned to work in the offices of our land surveyors for a period of six months.  You will begin to learn how to utilize our CAD drafting software and surveying software to analyze raw field data.  You will be trained to complete many different tasks associated with the production of final survey documents.   You will continue to rotate through this program during your time as a field technician, continuing to develop your overall knowledge of land surveying procedures and techniques.   Your continued interaction with our registered land surveyors, combined with your field experience and survey coursework, will eventually qualify you to become a registered land surveyor and work as a survey project manager.   If you are serious about pursuing your licensure, you will be encouraged to continue attending the necessary classes to obtain your required hours to sit for the land surveyor exam.

After sufficient time as a survey technician, you may be considered for a project management position. At this level you will be responsible for the management of large surveying and mapping projects. You will be expected to utilize all survey resources efficiently and accurately resulting in a final survey project that meets the standards of GeoSurvey, Ltd.