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Land Surveying and Mapping
1660 Barnes Mill Road
Marietta, GA  30062

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When calling our office, you will be greeted with an automated attendant.  Press “0” to be immediately connected to an operator, or use the extension list below to be connected directly to our staff.

Please Note:  We welcome phone calls from existing clients, prospective clients, existing vendors, and our friends and family.  We have long-standing and established relationships with our existing vendors and have no desire to change.  Our time is valuable and we ask that you respect this if you are interested in marketing any sort of services or products.  Please do not contact our office via phone if you are soliciting to provide products or services. Feel free to email us at the email address above if you must market your services or products to us.  


Valerie Batchelder Office Manager1
Trent Turk, LS Principal / CEO9
Jamey Coleman, LS Principal / COO2
David Hester, LS, Principal Survey Project Manager4
Gene Etris, Principal Survey Project Manager6
Craig Jennings, LS, Principal Survey Project Manger, Construction 3
Brad Cash, LS, Principal Survey Project Manager5
John Newman, LS Survey Project Manager7
Jon Moeller, LS Project Surveyor110