GeoSurvey, Ltd, is a regional Land Surveying services firm located in Marietta, Georgia.  For over 16  years we have specialized in providing quality, cost effective land surveying for architectural and engineering firms, educational institutions, developers, municipalities, construction companies, individuals and other organizations.  Our surveys are prepared in conformance with ALTA/ACSM standards (American Land Title Association/American Congress for Surveying and Mapping).  We provide services to a wide range of clients throughout Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.

GeoSurvey, Ltd., was incorporated by Trenton D. Turk, LS, in Georgia in November, 1996, as a Limited Liability Corporation.  The company was founded with a philosophy of treating clients and employees  honestly and professionally while delivering quality land surveying services on time and at a reasonable cost.

GeoSurvey is owned by six partners.   Trent Turk, founder and majority owner, serves as Principal and CEO.  He manages the business strategy, community involvement, and marketing aspects of the firm.  Jamey Coleman serves as Principal and COO, managing the day-to-day operations of the firm.  Other minority partners are project managers within the firm.

GeoSurvey has a strong history of providing quality land surveying services throughout the Southeastern US.  Below are few important milestones realized during our history.

1996 – GeoSurvey was originally created to service the land surveying needs of the commercial and industrial development industry.  Some of the first projects consisted primarily of land surveys of large acreage tracts for “Big Box” developments, such as Wal-Marts, Home Depots, Lowe’s, etc.   Many other types of surveys were also prepared, including surveys for schools and other similar institutions.

2000 – GeoSurvey experienced tremendous growth during the first few years of business, reaching 30 employees within the first four years.

2002 – Jamey Coleman was made a partner in the firm.  Jamey had been with the firm since its inception and had proven his long term value to the firm.  He remains a partner and VP in the firm, and handles the day to day production operations.

2006 – GeoSurvey purchased an office building and moved its operations.  The new office building consisted of 14,000 sf and provided an excellent base of operation for its 42 employees.

2007 – GeoSurvey was selected a “Top 25 Business” in Cobb County, GA by the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce.  This coveted award is applied for by hundreds of businesses in CobbCounty each year.  GeoSurvey has been nominated multiple times during its history for this award.

2009 – Due to the economic downturn, GeoSurvey was forced to reduce its workforce to 12 core employees after employing almost 45 during the mid-2000’s.  The company survived the downturn by lowering staff levels and other expenses to an appropriate level for the workload, but never sacrificing quality and timeliness.

2011 – GeoSurvey relocated its headquarters to 1660 Barnes Mill Road in Marietta, GA.

2012 – GeoSurvey began growing again, adding four new staff members to meet the increasing demand for land surveying services.  The company began embracing newer measurement technologies such as robotics, GPS, laser scanning and photogrammetry.

2015 – GeoSurvey adds laser scanning services as part of our suite of capabilities.

2016 – GeoSurvey adds four employees as partners in the firm.  David Hester, Brad Cash, Gene Etris, and Craig Jennings were named as new partners.

2017 – GeoSurvey adds UAV services as part of our suite capabalities.

GeoSurvey remains a viable and capable land surveying firm operating eight land survey crews on a daily basis managed by seven registered land surveyors.